Fun in the Son, Teens Encounter Christ
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" ~ Phillipians 4:13

About FITS TEC (Fun in the Son Teens Encounter Christ)

FITS TEC Council

The Fun in the Son TEC Council is comprised of adult-youth pairs, where each pair is lead by the youth representative and enabled by their adult counterpart.

Head of Council
Sean Bryant
Head of Council
Dana Luther
Vice President
Kayla Caslow
Spiritual Director
Pr. John David Bryant
Adult Secretary
Tim Davis
Youth Secretary
Jordan Luther
Adult Treasurer
Sandra Caslow
Youth Outreach
Stephen Bryant
Adult Applications
Aimee Lucas
Communications Head
Ana Kondratiev
Communications Crew
Skylor Cook & Kira Luther

Weekends at a Glance

For a list of previous and upcoming weekends, please see our weekends at a glance page.